“Day Drinking Super Dude” Transcript

Scene 01  [SFX] Sirens blaring, a building shaking. Three pairs of hurried footsteps as Max, Jen, and Aiden run away from the wreckage.  MAX: Don’t shake her so much! AIDEN: Oh, I’m sorry, I was too busy running from the path of certain death and rescuing this teenager to think deeply about the discomfort [...]

“Day Drinking Super Dude” Transcript2019-01-30T23:45:43-08:00

“Sean?” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: A mail cart rolls in to a busy newspaper office, coming to a stop.  ANDREA: Please tell me there’s not a lot in there. I cannot handle anything crazy today, Heather’s in one of her moods.  HARRISON: Sorry, dude.  [SFX]: A pile of mail is dropped on Andrea’s desk.  ANDREA: Working for [...]

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“Ever Since New York” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: Inside a rolling train, a train conductor walks through the aisles and stops.  TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Can I see your ticket, please? Back to the city?  SEAN: Yep.  TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Hot this time of year.  SEAN: Sure.  TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Did you see any good shows?  SEAN: Not really a theatre guy.  TRAIN [...]

“Ever Since New York” Transcript2019-01-29T23:26:33-08:00

“Don’t Blink” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: An aggressive knock on a door.  COLE: Just a second!  [SFX]: The door opens.  COLE: Hi, can I help you?  SEAN: Are you Cole Sanders?  COLE: Um, yeah. Did I do something wrong?  SEAN: No, nothing like that. I’m a reporter, for The Chronicle in New York? I’m working on a [...]

“Don’t Blink” Transcript2019-01-29T23:09:28-08:00

“Swamp Hands” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: Papers hitting a desk.  SEAN: That’s not coffee.  HARRISON: Is this level of astute observation the kind of thing I should be learning from this internship?  SEAN: What is all of this?  HARRISON: It’s every news story, blog post, and tweet that might be connected to super powered people.  SEAN: Some [...]

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“Nothing Like The First Time” Transcript

Super Ordinary  Episode 106 “Nothing Like The First Time” Transcript  By: Marissa Tandon  Scene 01 [SFX]: Bass thumps, loud and obnoxious. Teenagers CHEER.  TEENS: CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!  [SFX]: Static starts to cut into the music. The speakers start to shake. Teens SCREAM as the party begins to turn to chaos.  BAILEY: Oh, no.  [...]

“Nothing Like The First Time” Transcript2019-01-29T18:52:11-08:00

“Good Mornin’ America!” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: Max paces nervously, crossing the small room back and forth. AIDEN: Quit that. You’re going to run a hole in the carpet.  JEN: No, she won’t. She weighs like eighty pounds.  MAX: Not true.  JEN: Calm down, kid. It’s just a morning show appearance. It’s not even a big deal.  MAX: [...]

“Good Mornin’ America!” Transcript2019-01-29T18:41:04-08:00

“Stakeout” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: Fireflies chirp in an otherwise still evening.  ANIKA: This outfit is stupid, B. I feel like I’m suffocating.  BAILEY: It’s not stupid, it’s on brand.  ANIKA: This isn’t a comic book, dude -  BAILEY: It could be! One day, once we make a name for ourselves. Think about it: our names [...]

“Stakeout” Transcript2019-01-29T18:23:34-08:00

“Punk’d” Transcript

Scene 01  ANIKA: You ever meet someone that makes you so nervous that you think: Ah, this is what everyone is talking about. This is that crap people write movies and songs and poetry about, and promise you you'll find one day. This is the thing that makes people fight wars, and make babies, [...]

“Punk’d” Transcript2019-01-29T16:55:06-08:00

“#Harrisontheintern” Transcript

Scene 01 [SFX]: CAMERA BEING SET UP.  [SFX]: TAPING ON MICROPHONE.  BAILEY: Mic check, one two, one two. ANIKA: Oh my God, you are such a dork. BAILEY: Haven’t you ever seen a movie? This is how microphones work. Okay. I think it's on. ANIKA: Is the little light flashing? [SFX]: CAMERA BEING ADJUSTED. [...]

“#Harrisontheintern” Transcript2019-01-29T16:30:24-08:00
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