The Sword & The Stoner is an audio drama about a modern day, stoner comedy adaptation of the King Arthur legends. But instead of a legendary King and his Court Sorcerer, somehow 2019 ended up with an average-at-best stoner and an over-the-top reality TV magician. Join Arthur and Merlin as they try to get stoned enough to forget their destiny, even as it comes for them with a vengeance.  Created by Marissa Tandon, featuring the vocal talents of Dylan McCollum, Sam Meader, James Oliva, and more.


Dylan McCollum
Dylan McCollumVoice of Arthur
Sam Meader
Sam MeaderVoice of Merlin
Marissa Tandon
Marissa TandonVoice of Gwen
James Oliva
James OlivaVoice of Kay
Miya Kodama
Miya KodamaVoice of Izzy
Dallis Seeker
Dallis SeekerVoice of Lance
Grace Korkunis
Grace KorkunisVoice of Tris
Lily Richards
Lily RichardsVoice of Morgana
Lily Martinez
Lily MartinezVoice of Viva/Lady of the Lake


Marissa Tandon
Marissa TandonCreator

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