All In My Head is an audio drama that follows Nova, a young woman suffering from extreme bouts of sleep paralysis and night terrors. As she attempts to get to the bottom of her condition, she finds out there might be more to the monsters in her dreams than she thinks. Created by Alexandra Tandon, featuring the vocal talents of Mia Passarella, Michael Warker, Nicole Knudsen, Michael DiNardo, and more. Meet our cast and crew below, or start listening now.

Cast & Crew

Mia Passarella
Mia PassarellaVoice of Nova
Michael Warker
Michael WarkerVoice of The Shadow
Nicole Knudsen
Nicole KnudsenVoice of Lana
Alexandra Tandon
Alexandra TandonVoice of Jessie
Michael Dinardo
Michael DinardoVoice of Hayden
David Bradburn
David BradburnVoice of Brady
Tom Taglang
Tom TaglangVoice of Reese
Jessica Garcia
Jessica GarciaVoice of Allison
On Shiu
On ShiuVoice of Josiah
Grace Hanson
Grace HansonVoice of Dr. Connors
Shefali Vasudevan
Shefali VasudevanVoice of Darla
Megan Reisberg
Megan ReisbergVoice of Nurse


Alexandra Tandon
Alexandra TandonCreator

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