Super Ordinary is an audio drama about a young woman who finds out she has super powers. The only problem? They’re connected to her panic attacks. An exploration of super powers and mental health, this immersive narrative podcast is a deeply personal look at how we deal with the hard parts of ourselves and those around us. Created by Marissa Tandon, featuring the vocal talents of Miya Kodama, Lauren Bradley, Eli Barraza, Danielle Shemaiah, Briggon Snow, Julia Morizawa, and more. Meet our cast and crew below, or start listening. Listen to the Season 3 trailer below, or start a binge of the whole show in preparation for the new season!

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During our hiatus, we have some limited edition merch. This will only be available until the new season launches, and helps us support the show! Click below to browse the Season 3 store.

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Cast & Crew

Marissa Tandon
Marissa TandonCreator & Voice of Harrison
Miya Kodama
Miya KodamaVoice of Anika
Lauren Bradley
Lauren BradleyVoice of Bailey
Michael Yapujian
Michael YapujianVoice of Aiden
Danielle Shemaiah
Danielle ShemaiahVoice of Jen
Alexandra Tandon
Alexandra TandonVoice of Max
Eli Barraza
Eli BarrazaVoice of Heather
Jose Donado
Jose DonadoVoice of Sean
On Shiu
On ShiuVoice of Justin
Jordan Dumbroff
Jordan DumbroffVoice of Cole
Christina Raquel
Christina RaquelVoice of Andrea
David Bradburn
David BradburnVoice of Train Conductor
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