Super Ordinary 

Episode 106 “Nothing Like The First Time” Transcript 

By: Marissa Tandon 

Scene 01

[SFX]: Bass thumps, loud and obnoxious. Teenagers CHEER. 


[SFX]: Static starts to cut into the music. The speakers start to shake. Teens SCREAM as the party begins to turn to chaos. 

BAILEY: Oh, no. 

[SFX]: Frantic footsteps. 

ANIKA: We gotta – Bailey, we gotta get out of here. 

BAILEY: Come on.

[SFX]: As Bailey and Anika exit the party, the speakers fully EXPLODE behind them. 

Scene 02

[SFX]: A recording device bleeps on. 

ANIKA: Are you seriously going to record this? 

BAILEY: It was an episode, we’ve gotta keep track of them all. 

ANIKA:But… I don’t want to talk about… it on tape. 

BAILEY: If you can’t say sex, you shouldn’t be having it. 

ANIKA: Well, I didn’t, did I? 

BAILEY: Just walk me through it. 

ANIKA: It started out – well, you know Cole. It started out sweet, and perfect. 

BAILEY: Gag me. 

Scene 03

[SFX]: Bass music plays loudly. 

[SFX]: Two beer cans are opened.  

COLE: M’lady. God, that was horrible, wasn’t it. 

ANIKA: No, no. It was cute. 

COLE: I’m just a little… 

ANIKA: Nervous? 

COLE: Is that weird? I know that’s probably not sexy, but. 

ANIKA: I think it’s sweet. 

COLE: Yeah? 

ANIKA: Yeah. 

Scene 04

BAILEY: Okay, yeah, skip the Sixteen Candles romance, will you? 

ANIKA: Are you comparing me to Molly Ringwald right now? 

BAILEY: Don’t be dumb. You’re totally Jake Ryan. 

ANIKA: Thank you. So, whatever, we had a few drinks, and then we went upstairs. 

BAILEY: Distinctly remember that part, you guys ditched me to the toxic teenage fornication pit. 

ANIKA: Okay, ew, dude. 

Scene 05 

COLE: Did you, um, want to head upstairs?

BAILEY: No, come on, please don’t ditch – 

ANIKA: Bye, love you, see you soonish! 

BAILEY: Hate you! 

ANIKA: She loves me. 

[SFX]: They walk upstairs, away from the party, and the music fades a bit in the background. 

ANIKA: Is there like, a room in particular you wanted to go to? Or just sort of Russian Roulette till we find an empty one? 

COLE: Oh, I thought – Jason’s room should be empty, let’s – 

[SFX]: A door is opened, then promptly shut. 

COLE: Whoa, okay, not empty. 

ANIKA: Sorry! 

COLE: Russian Roulette it is. 

[SFX]: Another door is opened. 

ANIKA: Hello? Anyone naked in here? 

COLE: I think we’re in the clear. 

Scene 06

BAILEY: Okay, so I don’t get it. One second you guys are so sweet I think I’m gonna get a cavity just from sitting next to you, and the next the whole party is blowing up? 

ANIKA: I don’t know, dude! Things were literally dream worthy. He brought a playlist – 

BAILEY: To a house party? 

ANIKA: He wanted it to be special! He’s going on and on about how much he… 

BAILEY: How much he what? Wants you? Fantasizes about you? 

ANIKA: Loves me. 

BAILEY: Oh my God. 

ANIKA: I know! Like, don’t you think it’s too soon? We’ve only been dating for six months, and – 

BAILEY: And you’re crazy about him, dude. 

ANIKA: No, I’m just crazy. We couldn’t even have sex because, what, my heart rate got too fast and I blew up the whole party? 

BAILEY: You’re not crazy. You’re amazing. And he’s, you know, he’s fine. 

ANIKA: He’s way better than fine, B, he’s like… he’s like sunshine, but the kind that’s falling on a puppy, or something, who’s totally basking in it. 

BAILEY: See? Crazy about him. 

Scene 07

COLE: God, I am just – 

ANIKA: What? Is there something on my face? 

COLE: No, your face is great. I love your face. 

ANIKA: Oh. Thanks. 

COLE:I… I love you. I didn’t mean to just – to blurt that out, you don’t have to – 

ANIKA: I love you, too. 

COLE: Oh. Cool. 

ANIKA: Cool. 

Scene 08

ANIKA: Yeah. Crazy. 

BAILEY: Are you going to try again? 

ANIKA: Yeah. After I tell him. 

BAILEY: Tell him what? 

ANIKA: Tell him about me. Tell him the truth. 

BAILEY: You’re sure?

ANIKA: I’m crazy. I’m crazy, but… yeah. 

Scene 09

[SFX]: A sharp knock on a door. 

SEAN: Come in. 

[SFX]: The door opens and Heather walks in. 

HEATHER: Hey, I’m gonna order dinner, did you want – oh. Hi, Harrison. 


HEATHER: Are interns supposed to be here this late? 

HARRISON: Sean – Mr. Wilkes was just showing me a few things for a paper I have to write. But I can head out if you guys want to grab dinner. 

HEATHER: No, that’s fine. I’ll be in my office, Sean. Let me know if you head out. 

SEAN: Yeah. 

HEATHER: Oh, and Harrison? Be sure to drop your timesheet off on my desk when you leave. 

HARRISON: Yeah, sure. 

[SFX]: Heather leaves, closing the door behind her. 

SEAN: God, I’m gonna hear about that one later. 

HARRISON: Did you want to go? Seriously, I can head out, we can listen to the rest of this tomorrow. 

SEAN: No, it’s – this is fine.

HARRISON: They sound cute. Anika and the guy. 

SEAN: Sure. 

HARRISON: Were you guys ever like that? 

SEAN: Gag worthy?

HARRISON: Romantic, head over heels for each other. 

Scene 10

[SFX]: A busy college quad.  

SEAN: Excuse me, do you know where – Okay, cool, walking right past people while they’re talking to you is not rude at all. 

HEATHER: Welcome to New York, buddy. 

SEAN: I thought that whole rude New York attitude was a myth. 

HEATHER: Come here, I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s just more people here. More people means more assholes. 

SEAN: That is some sound logic.

HEATHER: What are you looking for? 

SEAN: The music rooms? 

HEATHER: Music major? 

SEAN: God, no. Journalism. I just like Jazz. A hobby, you know? 

HEATHER: You any good? 

SEAN: Good’s subjective. 

HEATHER: Well, maybe I’ll have to judge for myself one day. 

SEAN: Maybe you will. 

HEATHER: Music rooms are over there.

SEAN: I’m Sean. 

HEATHER: Heather. 

SEAN: It was nice to meet you, Heather. 

HEATHER: Don’t let the smile fool you, Sean. I’m a New York asshole, too.

Scene 11 

HARRISON: Sorry, was that inappropriate? I am seriously going to read the employee handbook one day, I swear. 

SEAN: We were. 


SEAN: She made me… stupid, crazy. 

HARRISON: What happened? 

SEAN: Same thing that happened to these kids. 


SEAN: Let’s call it a night, okay? Back at it in the morning.