Scene 01

[SFX]: Inside a rolling train, a train conductor walks through the aisles and stops. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Can I see your ticket, please? Back to the city? 

SEAN: Yep. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Hot this time of year. 

SEAN: Sure. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Did you see any good shows? 

SEAN: Not really a theatre guy. 


SEAN: Did you need something else from me? 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Oh, no. We don’t collect you, so make sure to listen for your stop, okay? 

SEAN: Sure. Thanks. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Had one customer last week, rode through three full states before she realized she had missed her stop. 

SEAN: Uh-huh. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Okay. Well, if you need anything… 

SEAN: Thanks. 

[SFX]: Footsteps as the train conductor walks further down the hallway. 

TRAIN CONDUCTOR: Miss? Can I see your ticket, please? 

[SFX]: Sean pulls his phone out of his pocket and plugs his headphones in. 

Scene 02 

ANIKA: I’ve tried to keep from making this out to be some sort of personal therapy session or sordid teenage diary. Mostly, I’ve tried to send you the facts as we recorded them, just me and Bailey’s side of the whole thing. But we’re at the part of the story you already know a lot about. 

BAILEY: New York is where everything went to shit. Obviously. But the news was starting to show that Anika wasn’t the only one dealing with this kind of thing, and we had regrettably reached the end of my knowledge and the internet’s. 

ANIKA: So, we thought we’d go link up with these guys in New York who sort of seemed to know what they were doing. 

BAILEY: Maybe they were just in the right place at the right time. 

ANIKA: Maybe their powers were a little less… A little less, I guess. 

BAILEY: Whatever it was, they were helping people, and we thought they could help us. 

ANIKA: You know how that turned out. 

Scene 03 

[SFX]: A busy department store. As people mill about, racks of clothes are sorted through.  

HEATHER: What do you think about this one? 

SEAN: Sure. 

HEATHER: Sean, you’re not even looking. Come on, you’re not a little excited? 

SEAN: Of course I’m excited, what kind of question is that? 

HEATHER: Then look at it, babe. A giraffe or an elephant? I wanna keep it gender neutral, you know? I don’t want the kid thinking it can’t have a pig because it’s pink. Should we get the pig? We should get the pig. 

SEAN: Aren’t our friends going to buy most of this stuff once you tell them? 

HEATHER: You don’t have friends, Sean. You’re grumpy and solitary and all of the onesies are going to come from my friends, and all the cards will be prayers he gets my laugh lines instead of your scowly forehead wrinkles. Didn’t anyone ever tell you if you make that face for too long it’ll get stuck like that? 

SEAN: We should get the elephant. And one with a football on it, I saw one of those earlier. 

HEATHER: Are you mad?

SEAN: I’m not mad. 

HEATHER:(playfully imitating his deeper voice)I’m not mad. 

SEAN: Quit it. 

HEATHER: Seriously, what’s up? 

SEAN: Why haven’t you told anyone? 


SEAN: We’re not – Heather, we’re not just sneaking around the office anymore,  okay? We’re having a – I mean we made a baby, Heather, you can’t exactly hide that – 

HEATHER: That what? I had sex with one of my reporters, repeatedly, until he put a baby in me? Should I just walk down the halls, scream it out, inform every one of the employees separately? Draft a memo? Put it on the front page of Sunday’s paper? 

SEAN: Seriously? 

HEATHER: We were having a good time, Sean, and now… 

SEAN: Now, what? Are you saying that you don’t want to do this? 

HEATHER: I’m debating animal onesies with myself, Sean, of course I want to do this. I’m just – this changes pretty much everything. It means you and me are – 

SEAN: Are what? 

HEATHER: We’re saying we’re gonna love each other enough to love another human being, and teach that human being what love is. This whole thing means when you take risky stories and disappear for days at a time, I’m at home with a paper and a baby. What if it changes our – 

[SFX]: A window explodes inwards. Crowds start to scream in panic. 

BAILEY: Please, you guys have got to back up, she can’t control it. 

AIDEN: Tell her to calm the fuck down and reign this shit in! 

BAILEY: She can’t, that’s what I’m trying to tell — 

ANIKA: Holy SHIT, where did she – BAILEY! 

JEN: I’m not going to hurt you! 

ANIKA: Came out of nowhere, oh my God, oh my God. 

AIDEN: Max, get a lid on this. 

MAX: I’m trying but – I can’t get through, it’s like… Like she’s in a glass case, or something. 

AIDEN: Not looking for the metaphors, Max!  Looking for containment. 

MAX: I’m trying! 

JEN: A little help here would be greatly appreciated, guys! 

AIDEN: Gotta do everything my damn self. 

[SFX]: Aiden lets out a SCREAM. The building shaking starts to intensify.  

JEN: Aiden, stop it’s – 

BAILEY: Hey, come on, it’s okay. I got you, we’re okay. Breathe with me. 

SEAN: Heather? Heather? Heather, where are you? Hea- No. No no no no no, Heather, baby, come on, Heather! Heather, baby, can you hear me? You gotta open your eyes, please, Heather, please. Can anyone – Please, I need help, we need an ambulance, can someone please call an – PLEASE! 

Scene 04 

HARRISON: Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you I just – you kinda looked like you were freaking out. 

SEAN: Intern? 

HARRISON: Harrison. 

SEAN: The intern. 

HARRISON: You know what? Yeah, yes. Harrison the intern, that’s me. 

SEAN: What are you doing on my train? 

HARRISON: Okay, you really can’t claim ownership of Amtrak, dude, we all paid to be here, it’s a publicly traded company, and oh, cool, death glare of doom is back. 

SEAN: You just talk without a filter at all, don’t you? That’s… incredible. 

HARRISON: Jeez, with the insults left and right. I just wanted to check on you, but since you’re clearly in tip top shape, I’m just gonna – 

SEAN: Wait, why are you on this train? You’re supposed to be at work. 


SEAN: Did you – 

HARRISON: Please don’t say follow me, that’s really dramatic. 

SEAN: But you – 

HARRISON: Yes, okay, maybe I kind of followed you a little bit but I knew you were going to her hometown and I couldn’t get into your office to figure out where that was and I just wanted to, I don’t know, follow the story, okay? Is anyone sitting there? 

SEAN: Oh my God. 

HARRISON: Oh my God is right, dude. 

SEAN: How many times do I have to tell you not to call me “dude.” I’m in my thirties. 

HARRISON: Dude’s universal, my dude. Did you find anything good? I couldn’t exactly follow you in to her house, obviously, but I did find her high school, which was so cool. Did you know she played sports? For like one season, freshman year, but then she just drops out of pretty much every club photo there was, more and more rapidly, and then, you know, after New York she just completely disappears. Do you.. Do you want to talk about it? 

Scene 05

[SFX]: Beeps of hospital machines. Heather groans herself awake. 

SEAN: Hey, hi. 

HEATHER: Sean? What happened, why am I – Oh my God. 

SEAN: The doctors say you’re okay, there’s not going to be any… any permanent damage to you. 

HEATHER: Sean, what about the – about our – 

Heather starts to cry. 

Scene 06 

HARRISON: Mr. Wilkes? Do you wanna talk about it? 

SEAN: No.