Scene 01

[SFX]: Max paces nervously, crossing the small room back and forth.

AIDEN: Quit that. You’re going to run a hole in the carpet. 

JEN: No, she won’t. She weighs like eighty pounds. 

MAX: Not true. 

JEN: Calm down, kid. It’s just a morning show appearance. It’s not even a big deal. 

MAX: Not a big deal? This place is totally teeming with nervous energy. And angry energy. And… and a weird bit of sexual frustration, my God, it’s six am! 

AIDEN: God that is never not going to be weird. 

MAX: Sorry. 

JEN: Don’t apologize, Max. Never apologize to a man. 

MAX: Really? 

JEN: Not until we have equal pay, at least. 

AIDEN: We’re not getting paid for this at all. 

JEN: It’s not like we responded to a help wanted ad, Aiden. We’ve got these powers, so we do something good with them.

MAX: Yeah. It’s a public service. 

AIDEN: Trash collectors. Street cleaners. MTA drivers. The Governor. 

JEN: What are you talking about? 

AIDEN: Those are all civil servants who, unlike us, get paid for their selfless contributions to society. 

MAX: To be fair, they also generally do things for the city that don’t involve destruction? 

JEN: We’re not that bad. 

MAX: We’ve knocked down or damaged exactly seven buildings in the past month. 

JEN: Okay, but in the grand scheme of the size of New York, that’s like… a… really small percentage of the available buildings. 

MAX: Is that what we should say if they ask us about it? 

JEN: He won’t ask us about that kind of stuff. 

MAX: How do you know? 

AIDEN: Yeah, wait, how do you know? Did they send questions ahead of time? 

MAX: I’m just saying, if it were me, that’s exactly the kind of question I’d ask. Right after are you a danger to society, or did you get your powers from like, devil worship, or – 

AIDEN: Devil worship? 

MAX: I just watched a ten part online documentary about the powers you can get from an occult prayer.  

JEN: They’re not going to ask us any of those questions, definitely not the devil worship one, my God, because Justin is an old friend. It’ll be a soft piece, one to make us look good. 

AIDEN: I thought the show reached out to us. 

JEN: Officially, they did. After I sent Justin a text telling him to. 

AIDEN: Jen, we specifically said we didn’t want to do any media appearances! 

MAX: We – I thought we had to do this! Am I sweating through my favorite t-shirt for a fluff piece? Oh my God, I could be at home right now, I could be eating avocado toast, shouldn’t they have some food in here? 

JEN: Max, sweetie, you need to take a breath. There’s a whole craft services table right in front of you. 

MAX: Oh. Thanks. 

AIDEN: Aren’t you going to eat something? 

MAX: Um, no. I’m too worried I might throw it up on national television. 

AIDEN: Which apparently, you’re only doing because it was Jen’s idea. 

JEN: Guys, look. I know we’re not totally on the same page about all this, but we need to start doing some image control, okay? If we’re going to be a team, we need to present ourselves like one to the public. 

AIDEN: And who says we’re going to be a team? 

MAX: I like the team! 

[SFX]: The door opens. 

JUSTIN: I like the team too! Jen, it’s been too long. 

JEN: Justin, truly, 

[SFX]: They kiss cheeks. 

AIDEN: Incredible. 

JUSTIN: Okay, guys, this will be quick and easy. I throw you some softballs, make you look good, you smile, talk about saving the world, I get a nice, shiny, Daytime Emmy. Cool? 

JEN: Cool. 

JUSTIN: Great, we’re just a few minutes out. I’ll get someone in here from hair and make up to handle you guys. 

[SFX]: Justin exits, door closing behind him. 

MAX: Hair and makeup? 

JEN: Not for you, sweetie. You look amazing. Aiden here needs a touch up. 

AIDEN: Don’t push it. 

JEN: Look, we’re not there yet, but we are going to be a team. When I found you guys, I was just… I was so relieved to find more people like me. I really, genuinely believe if we stick together, we can do something special. But, we’ve gotta make them believe that, too. Okay? 

MAX: Okay. 

AIDEN: Okay. 

Scene 02

[SFX]: A full studio audience. The crowd claps as Justin enters. 

JUSTIN: Thank you, thank you! I am so excited for these next guests. You’ve definitely seen them on your TVs before, but for the first time, this will be an up close and personal look at our New York heroes. Please, join me in welcoming Jen, Aiden, and Max! 

AIDEN: Go, kid. 

MAX: In my mind, I already have. 

JEN: You gotta go first. Aiden’s not exactly the image we wanna lead with. 

AIDEN: Hey! 

[SFX]: Max laughs as she walks on stage. The crowd cheers for her. 

JEN: Be nice. 

AIDEN: When am I ever not? 

JEN: Literally all the time. 

[SFX]: Jen walks on stage, greeted with cheers. 

[SFX]: In the wings, Aiden pulls a flask from his pocket and takes a swig. 

JUSTIN: Welcome, welcome, welcome! So, how thrilled are you guys to be saving the world every day? 

JEN: Oh, gosh, I wouldn’t put it like that, really. 

JUSTIN: Jen, you single handedly pulled a dozen people out of a burning building — and they didn’t even see you doing it! 

JEN: Side effect of the whole invisibility schtick. 

JUSTIN: And how cool is that? Do you ever just blip out of a conversation when it bores – oh! 

AIDEN: Always the show off. 

JEN: People always want to see it. I just like to get it over with at the top, razzle-dazzle. 

JUSTIN: I love it, I love it. And Aiden, we’ve set up a little demonstration for you to show off yourself, if you’ll indulge us. 

MAX: Oh, he’ll indulge. 

AIDEN: She speaks. 

JUSTIN: Aiden, if you will, stand up. 

[SFX]: Justin and Aiden stand from their chairs and walk to the edge of the stage. 

JUSTIN (CONT’D): Now, we’re going to blindfold Aiden. Next, we’ve got a business card, right at the top of the audience there. We’re going to play some music, loudly, and have you guys pass the card around until we cut the music. Make sense? 

[SFX]: An upbeat, happy tune.  

JUSTIN (CONT’D): Okay! Where’s the card, Aiden? 

AIDEN: Third row from the top, six seats in. Lady in the floral button down. 

[SFX]: The crowd gasps. 

JUSTIN: That was just, so spectacular. Thank you for that, Aiden. 

[SFX]: They return to their seats upstage. 

JUSTIN (CONT’D): We could, of course, ask you to demonstrate those super sonic manipulations, but… 

AIDEN: That wouldn’t exactly be safe for a studio audience. They’ve seen the footage. 

JUSTIN: They certainly have, haven’t you guys? 

[SFX]: A loud cheer from the crowd. 

JUSTIN (CONT’D): Now, Max, our little masked hero. Shouldn’t you be in school? 

MAX: Um, I mostly – I do a lot of it online, now. It makes things a little easier. 

JUSTIN: Certainly would suck to have to get a hall pass every time the world needed saving, wouldn’t it? 

MAX: I guess. 

JUSTIN: We haven’t seen a lot of your abilities in the footage, we just know you’re always there. Why don’t you give us a run down of how things work in there? 

MAX: I – it’s kind of hard to explain. It’s just… a sort of feeling, I guess. And I act on it. 

JUSTIN: How do you mean, exactly? 

MAX: I just like things to be in order. When they’re not, I just kinda… put ‘em back. 

JUSTIN: Could you elaborate on that? 

MAX: Not really? 

JEN: Max is a crazy important part of our team. We couldn’t do this without her. 

JUSTIN: Of course! And what a good looking team you guys are. I, for one, cannot wait for the inevitable charity calendar you all put out. 

MAX:(terrified)We’re doing a calendar?

JEN: ’Course not. Wouldn’t be a very good calendar when your centerfold goes invisible. 

JUSTIN: Okay! I believe we have just enough time for a few questions from the audience. We’ll go to Twitter first. @AIDENSTAN2K18 wants to know, what’s it like working together? 

AIDEN: It’s fine. 

MAX: It’s pretty cool. 

JEN: Max just likes having an excuse to ditch class.

JUSTIN: Don’t we all. Next question. @invisibleGal wants to know, why does Max wear a mask when the rest of you don’t? 

MAX: I’m just a little more shy than these guys. 

JEN: Besides, it’s New York. If people remembered every out of the ordinary person they crossed paths with, they’d have to have a genius level IQ. 

AIDEN: And we can’t ask her parents to sign a permission slip every time we have to save the world. 

JUSTIN: Alright, next one… @staySuper wants to know… Jen, you single? 

JEN: Oh, wow. Let’s say I like to keep my options open. 

JUSTIN: We’ve got a flirt on our hands, people. Let’s take one from our live audience shall we? How about there, in the back? 

HARRISON: Yeah, I wanted to know what you guys know about the kid you’ve been fighting in the streets? 

AIDEN: Kid? 

HARRISON: You blew up a few stores chasing her like six months back. 

JEN: You mean the freak who’s blowing up stuff for the hell of it? 

HARRISON: Kind of kettle meeting pot right now, don’t you think? 

MAX: No, it isn’t. Jen is right – this person is endangering innocent lives every time they use their powers. 

HARRISON: And you guys aren’t? 

AIDEN: We’re keeping people alive. 

JUSTIN: Oh, my, we’ve taken a turn haven’t we? Let’s see how about another question – 

HARRISON: People are getting caught in the crossfire, don’t you think you’re a little responsible – 

AIDEN: There wouldn’t be any crossfire if it wasn’t for this woman – 

HARRISON: She’s seventeen! 

MAX: So am I! 

JUSTIN: We might have time for another question from Twitter, can we pull up the feed? 

MAX: Age isn’t an excuse. Being young isn’t – it’s not a reason to be irresponsible. 

JUSTIN: Oh here’s a good one! Jen, can you make just your clothes invisible?

JEN: Now that I can’t demonstrate. At least, not on live television. 

Scene 03

[SFX]: New York City street bustle. 

HARRISON: Friggin’ heroes, seriously? Aren’t even taking the time to investigate what they’re after. 

AIDEN: I’ll be sure to collect your comment card for the team. 

HARRISON: Look, dude, I wasn’t like, trying to embarrass you, or anything. Please don’t attack me. 

AIDEN: Attack you? 

HARRISON: You know with the ahhh and the oh no, my head is gonna squish like a grape and… 

AIDEN: What are you talking about? I’m not gonna hurt you, Jesus. 

HARRISON: Right, that’s why I’m backed up against a wall with your face all up in my face. For a friendly chat. 

AIDEN: Sorry. 

HARRISON: Did you need something? Or do you just always intimidate people after interviews? 

AIDEN: Back there, you said she was seventeen. Like you knew it for a fact. 

HARRISON: Oh, I was just – I was guessing. 

AIDEN: No, you weren’t. 

HARRISON: That wasn’t even the point. 

AIDEN: Do you know her? Where is she? 

HARRISON: Hey, with the aggressive – back up! I don’t know where she is. 

AIDEN: Why bring it up, why come here if you don’t have any useful information? 

HARRISON: Because you don’t know what’s going on with someone! You can’t be judge, jury, and executioner just because you can hear crazy well or scream someone’s face off. Just look for a little more information, is all I’m saying. Questions first, fire later. 

[SFX]: Harrison walks away. 

HARRISON: And maybe switch from Whiskey this early in the morning? A good old fashioned Mimosa, maybe a Bloody Mary. There’s a time and a place for a nice whiskey, and it’s neat in a proper glass. Not from a hip flask at a seven am taping.