Scene 01

[SFX]: Fireflies chirp in an otherwise still evening. 

ANIKA: This outfit is stupid, B. I feel like I’m suffocating. 

BAILEY: It’s not stupid, it’s on brand. 

ANIKA: This isn’t a comic book, dude – 

BAILEY: It could be! One day, once we make a name for ourselves. Think about it: our names in lights, spread across the youth of America’s sweaty palms. The adventures of… oh, we don’t have code names. 

ANIKA: Why would we have code names? 

BAILEY: So people don’t know who we are! 

ANIKA: It’s just us. 

BAILEY: But one day it won’t be. You said it yourself, there’s got to be others like you out there, and even if there aren’t, once the world sees what you can do, you’re gonna be everywhere. 

ANIKA: Or locked up somewhere. 

BAILEY: OR printed on cereal boxes and appearing in PSA’s. 

Anika pulls at her outfit again, brushing up against the microphone. 

ANIKA: In spandex. 

BAILEY: Just – work with me here. 

ANIKA: B, we live in like, the safest town in the country. Sitting around waiting for crime on the off chance we can do some good is a fool’s errand. 

BAILEY: We’re looking for injustice. 

ANIKA: There’s not a lot of that in Safesville, Connecticut, B. 

Scene 02 

[SFX]: A computer click. The recording turns off. 

SEAN: Holy shit. 

HARRISON: Did she just say Connecticut? Did she actually just tell us where she was? 

SEAN: It’s a whole state, but… Yeah, I think she did. 

HARRISON: Connecticut, I – God, she’s been a Gilmore this whole time. 

SEAN: I actually get that reference. Have they dropped any other hints that might help us narrow it down? 

HARRISON: I can look. Keep playing the tape, maybe there’s more. 

Scene 03 

[SFX]: Another tap on the computer. The recording clicks back on. 

BAILEY: Maybe not out on the street where you can see it, but there’s enough out there to keep my Mom busy. 

[SFX]: Files being pulled from a backpack. 

ANIKA: Please tell me those aren’t what I think they are. 

BAILEY: Depends on what you think they are. 

ANIKA: They look like files from the police station. 

BAILEY: Then ma’am, I am sorry to inform you that this is… exactly what it looks like. 

ANIKA: No you’re not. 

BAILEY: No, I’m not. Come on, don’t give me that look! These are just people who got away, nothing super serious. Petty criminals. 

ANIKA: Petty criminals that you stole from your Mom’s office, B! An office that happens to have a jail cell in it, made for people who steal things from the police. 

BAILEY: First of all, we’re minors. We’d get juvie at best. 

ANIKA: Not helping. 

BAILEY: Second of all, my Mom would never do that to us! 

ANIKA: She made you sleep in the drunk tank the one time we SPLIT a beer. 

BAILEY: Okay, she wouldn’t do that to you. But it doesn’t matter, because she’s not going to catch us. We’re gonna catch the bad guys. 

ANIKA: Are you going to let it go if I say no? 

BAILEY: Have I ever? 

ANIKA: Fine. Show me. 

BAILEY: Like I said, I think we should start small. Something that isn’t too dangerous. 

ANIKA: Right. The safe kind of criminal. 

Scene 04 

HARRISON: Stop, pause it. 

[SFX]: A computer click. The recording pauses. 

HARRISON: B said her Mom was a cop. 

SEAN: Yeah, I got that. 

HARRISON: Okay, so, that I can work with. I just need – like, we could pinpoint the location if we had a last name, or more crimes, or something. God, it’s all right here. What are we not seeing? 

SEAN: You can’t make leaps when the information isn’t there, kid. 

HARRISON: It’s here, we’re just missing it. 

SEAN: What’s your plan? Call every police station in the state and ask if there are any female officers on the force with daughters who’s name starts with the letter “B” ? 

HARRISON: Maybe! Okay, no.

SEAN: You’ve gotta be patient. We’ll find something that gets us there. You guys are so used to instant access, everything at your fingertips. You’ve forgotten that getting the truth can take some work. 

HARRISON: Okay, Gramps. Just play the tape. 

Scene 05

ANIKA: A raid? B, you’ve gotta be kidding me. 

BAILEY: Why? We’ve been making huge progress on the control stuff. 

ANIKA: In the past few weeks, sure, but that’s in your garage, totally contained – 

BAILEY: Which is why we need to take you for a spin! Wiggle those fingers, work a little magic. 

ANIKA: By going into a planned police raid? 

BAILEY: We might not even have to do anything! 

ANIKA: Then why are we going at all? 

BAILEY: Because – 

ANIKA: B, who’s going on the raid? 

BAILEY: I heard my mom talking about it on the phone last night. Do you remember that time I had to stay at your place for a week, when we were kids, because Mom got injured on the job? And your parents wouldn’t tell us exactly what happened, just that we were gonna have a long play date? 

ANIKA: Yeah. 

BAILEY: She sounded like she did before that job, last night. Like this mixture of nervous and so excited, like she was finally getting some action. And I love you to death, but I don’t want to spend a week sharing your bed again. You talk in your sleep. 

ANIKA: I do not. 

BAILEY: Sure. (High pitched, mocking): Oh, Cole, yeah, just like that – 

ANIKA: I do not talk in my sleep. But you kick. So let me see the file. 

BAILEY: Thanks. 

ANIKA: Duh. 

Scene 06

HARRISON: We can work with that! A cop in CT who was hurt on the job, enough to go to the hospital. Is there a time stamp on this? That would help – 

SEAN: Listen to the tape, Harrison. Take notes of this kind of stuff, but wait till you go through the whole piece of evidence before you arbitrarily decide what’s important. They’ll slip up somewhere. 


SEAN: The answer’s not in there. It’s out there. Listen, and then we’ll figure out where to look. 

Scene 07

[SFX]: LOUD footsteps up a hill. 

BAILEY: Oh my God, could you be any louder? 

[SFX]: Foot steps even louder.  

BAILEY:(whispering)Shut up, I think we’re almost there. Up here. Let’s find somewhere to stay out of sight. 

[SFX]: They settle behind a bush, down in the grass.  

BAILEY:(whispering)Can you see from here? 

ANIKA:(whispering) Which building is it? 

BAILEY: The apartment complex on the left. 

ANIKA: Yeah, I can see it. 

BAILEY: Cool. 

ANIKA: Now what? 

BAILEY: We wait, I guess. I always wanted to go on a stakeout. 

ANIKA: Is that what we’re calling this? 

BAILEY: We’re out, we’re staking. 

ANIKA: Aren’t those kinds of things usually for criminals? We’re staking out a police investigation. 

BAILEY: That involves apprehending criminals. It’s a stake out. 

ANIKA: Okay. 

BAILEY: I didn’t think this would be so boring. 

ANIKA: Maybe you should have brought something to entertain yourself. 

BAILEY: Bring reading material to a stake out? 

ANIKA: I mean, what else are we supposed to – 

[SFX]: Two cars approach. 

BAILEY: Shut up! They’re coming. She’s not in her uniform. 

ANIKA: Is she undercover? 

BAILEY: I don’t know. Can you hear what they’re saying? 

ANIKA: Super-hearing didn’t come with the benefits package. They’re gonna hear you, stay still. 

BAILEY: If we can’t hear them, they can’t hear – Shit! 

ANIKA: She looks fine. 

BAILEY: She looks awesome. Go, Mom. 

ANIKA: I swear if we get caught – 

BAILEY: We’re not gonna get caught! Just, look, we probably won’t have to do anything. 

[SFX]: A GUN is cocked. 

BAILEY: Holy shit holy shit holy shit. 

ANIKA: What is – is that a fucking gun? Oh my God what do we do? 

BAILEY: We? Use the mojo! 

ANIKA: I – I don’t know if I can focus it like that, B, it’s – 

BAILEY: It’s my mom, Anika, you better figure it out! 

ANIKA: I’m trying! 

[SFX]: Metal starting to bend under pressure. 

BAILEY: The gun, focus on the – 

ANIKA: I – I’m trying but – 

[SFX]: A building, and the ground beneath it, start to SHAKE. 

BAILEY: Ani – babe, you have to calm down. 

ANIKA: I can do this. 

BAILEY: If you don’t stop, that building is going to come right down on my mom! 

ANIKA: If I just – 

[SFX]: A car alarm sounds. The cars take off.  

BAILEY: Hey, eyes on me, come on. 

ANIKA: I’m sorry, I couldn’t get it right, I can’t get this right – 

BAILEY: Hey, it’s okay. We’re okay, my Mom’s okay. Let’s breathe, yeah? That’s it. Just breathe. Breathe with me. 

[SFX]: Recording beeps to end. 

Scene 08

SEAN: See? A building starts to crumble in the middle of a town. Think that might be a little easier to narrow down? 

HARRISON: I can totally work with this. Give me like, a few hours and a red bull and – 

SEAN: Slow down – 

HARRISON: Catch up! We’re going to find these girls, dude. 

[SFX]: Rushed footsteps out of the office, door closing behind her. 

SEAN: Yeah. Yeah, we are.