EPISODE 9: “The Bruise” 

The modeling job I thought this would be a funny and cute way to give Lana a job. I didn’t want her to have an office job or end up doing something she hates. A modeling job, and the way she ended up with it, seemed very on brand for her. As I’ve said [...]

EPISODE 9: “The Bruise” 2019-02-20T00:41:58-08:00

Show Notes: Six and a Half

The Shower Scene Okay, alright, I knew it was cliché when I wrote it but I did it anyway. I really wanted Nova to experience one of her episodes while she was awake. I think it’s a completely different experience of fear and as the season is in its final episodes I wanted to [...]

Show Notes: Six and a Half2019-02-07T11:55:15-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 7: “The Question”

Talking To Reese The conversation between Reese and Nova in Reese’s office was one of the most awkward things to do in rehearsal and recording but it was meant to be that way. This is the first time Reese has shown any real emotion or softness with Nova and she really doesn’t know how to [...]

Show Notes – Episode 7: “The Question”2019-01-25T15:41:38-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 6: “The Fix”

The Drug Another word no one could pronounce! Say it with me, CLO- MI-PRA-MINE! This is another thing I had to do a good bit of research on. “those experiencing extreme sleep paralysis may be prescribed a short course of antidepressant medication, such as clomipramine (Anafranil)” Basically, I guess it has some side effects that [...]

Show Notes – Episode 6: “The Fix”2019-01-25T15:36:57-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 5: “The Failed Attempt”

The talk with Brady I think this conversation between Brady and Nova really says a lot about who Brady is outside of his job. He knows he could loose his job for this and Brady’s work is really important to him, but he cares about the wellbeing of his patients more. He knows Nova isn’t [...]

Show Notes – Episode 5: “The Failed Attempt”2019-01-25T15:27:47-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 4: “The Premonition”

The Jessie Dream Nova’s dreams have always been scary and vivid but this is the first time I think we start to notice that there’s something more to it. Nova has never hallucinated someone she knows before which makes this even more scary than anything she has experienced up till now. Jessie & Nova Jessie [...]

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Show Notes – Episode 3: “The Test”

Brady Brady is one of the head nurses at the sleep center and quickly becomes Nova’s main caretaker. He’s a very friendly guy who kind of has “camp counselor” energy so David Bradburn was a great choice to play him. David and Mia really quickly became friends and had really good chemistry in rehearsals and [...]

Show Notes – Episode 3: “The Test”2019-01-25T15:06:30-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 2: “The Visitor

Lana Episode 2 is the first time we meet Nova’s sister, Lana. Lana comes back into Nova’s life loudly and unexpectedly and that is how she does most things in her life. They haven’t seen each other in a long time and Nova has learned how to “take care of herself” in the time that [...]

Show Notes – Episode 2: “The Visitor2019-01-25T15:07:35-08:00

Show Notes – Episode 1: The Witness

Nova’s nightmare scenes So, the most difficult scenes to direct and record are actually the crux of the entire show, Nova’s nightmare scenes. Surprisingly enough, they’re the easiest to write. Once I got a clear idea of the sound I wanted them to have, the kind of terror and panic I wanted to build with [...]

Show Notes – Episode 1: The Witness2019-01-23T22:36:26-08:00
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