The talk with Brady

I think this conversation between Brady and Nova really says a lot about who Brady is outside of his job. He knows he could loose his job for this and Brady’s work is really important to him, but he cares about the wellbeing of his patients more. He knows Nova isn’t going to let this go until she can make some sense of her dream.
The Tree

Almost every scene between Jessie and Nova happens at this art class they take together. At every art class, Jessie draws the same tree. In Nova’s nightmare we hear a car hitting something and we later learn from Brady that Jessie’s parents died in that car crash. The tree that Jessie draws every day is the thing that they hit. Jessie was in the car with them, she remembers the tree and that is why she draws it everyday. She usually seems fine on the outside but on the inside she’s always thinking about them.

Lana & Hayden

In episode 5 we see Lana open up to Hayden about her relationship with Nova. I wanted Lana to be a funny and light character to liven up the story a little. Without Lana I think the show would be pretty morbid and that’s why she is one of my favorite characters. She’s our ray of sunshine.

However, I didn’t want her to be a two-dimensional caricature running around burning cookies and making fun of Hayden and Nova’s flirtation. I wanted her to be a complete person, separate from Nova and Hayden. That’s why I feel this scene is so important for her. For the first time we see that not everything is all fun and games with her and she is struggling too.