Talking To Reese

The conversation between Reese and Nova in Reese’s office was one of the most awkward things to do in rehearsal and recording but it was meant to be that way. This is the first time Reese has shown any real emotion or softness with Nova and she really doesn’t know how to handle it. He doesn’t really know how to handle it either. He makes her come into work because that is where he feels the most comfortable, he’s a businessman at heart, he takes his work home with him. As uncomfortable as it is it’s a nice moment in which we see Reese is actually human. He may not show it often but he does care about his children.

Does Hayden Believe Her?

Nova talks to Dr. Connors, Brady, and Allison about Jessie and gets the same answer from all of them. She didn’t predict anything. These things “just happen”. Hayden is the only person that doesn’t immediately shut her down. Hayden doesn’t have an explanation for her but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe her. This whole time he’s pretty much rolling with whatever Nova says but in this conversation we see he’s actually thinking through everything and trying to help her.