The Jessie Dream

Nova’s dreams have always been scary and vivid but this is the first time I think we start to notice that there’s something more to it. Nova has never hallucinated someone she knows before which makes this even more scary than anything she has experienced up till now.

Jessie & Nova

Jessie and Nova become fast friends. Jessie has been at the sleep center for a bit and sees that Nova is overwhelmed and kind of takes Nova under her wing. Even though Jessie is younger than Nova she’s someone for Nova to look up to. Much like Brady, Jessie is a calming presence for Nova which is why when something is wrong with Jessie, Nova immediately knows it.

Up until this day, Jessie has done a pretty good job of not showing that there is something “wrong” with her. She’s a lot like Nova in that way, seeming a lot more grown up than she actually is because she feels that she has to be.