The Shower Scene
Okay, alright, I knew it was cliché when I wrote it but I did it anyway. I really wanted Nova to experience one of her episodes while she was awake. I think it’s a completely different experience of fear and as the season is in its final episodes I wanted to up the scare factor a bit. It’s also the first time that Nova actually speaks to one of the creatures from her dreams and is answered which makes us begin to wonder how much power these dreams have over her in the physical world.
Editing this scene was pure torture but was also so fun at the same time. It was a lot of work between me and our sound designer to get everything sounding exactly perfect from the crackling of Nova’s bluetooth speaker to the sound of the shower turning on and off. I was a little crazy by the end of this editing session but I’m so happy with how it came out and I hope you all enjoy it!
Going to sleep
I didn’t make this episode completely terrible for Nova for once. She actually get’s some sleep guys! You’re welcome! Honestly this girl deserved a break. The pills worked, Yay!
It was also fun to see Lana in pissed off mom mode because it’s so out of character for her. If this were anyone other than Nova she would probably congratulate them on staying out all night but in Lana’s eyes Nova is still the girl she left behind years ago. I quite like her protective streak and bringing it out because it shows us more and more that she is her own complex person but that she chooses to stick by Nova.