The modeling job
I thought this would be a funny and cute way to give Lana a job. I didn’t want her to have an office job or end up doing something she hates. A modeling job, and the way she ended up with it, seemed very on brand for her. As I’ve said before, Lana is the comedic relief of the show so this was one of the more fun scenes to write, rehearse, and record. Nicole did a really great job of delivering this scene and brought the really great Lana energy that I love to the end of this season.
The ending
I’m sorry!!! Except I’m not. I feel like you guys could feel this one coming, and if you couldn’t…whoops! I knew from when I started writing episode one that I knew I wanted the season to end this way. THE DREAMS WERE REAL THE WHOLE TIME MWAHAHAHAHA!And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed listening to the show as much as I enjoyed creating it. So much hard work went into the making of this show from, not only myself, but all of my actors and my crew and I’m really happy this is a story I am able to tell. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to continue it! Happy end of season one!