Show Notes 110 – Sean?

Whoa boy it’s the season one finale! You guys don’t mind a cliffhanger, do you?  Honestly, this episode was so fun to record, but such a challenge in so many ways. Getting action sequences down can be a struggle when you can’t see anything happening, but there was no world where the “heroes” of our [...]

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Show Notes 109 – Ever Since New York

Ahem. This episode title was not intended to be named after a Harry Styles song, but here we are. What can you do about it now?  This is, obviously, the hardest episode so far. But it was so nice to finally get to the root of Heather, someone who I think we don’t really get [...]

Show Notes 109 – Ever Since New York2019-01-16T02:16:29-08:00

Show Notes 108 – Don’t Blink

This episode was a weird one, as it’s the only episode Anika isn’t in at all. So much of Anika’s journey is about her take on what she’s done, and trying to clear her name from all of the bad press she’s received before we met her. This episode was a chance to get to [...]

Show Notes 108 – Don’t Blink2019-01-16T02:15:05-08:00

Show Notes 107 – Swamp Hands

SWAMP HANDS is both my favorite episode and the most difficult episode for me. The biggest thing that is insane to me about this episode is the prep work that went into it.  For almost all of our scenes, our actors have their scripts in the booth with them. We recorded season one in two [...]

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Show Notes 106 – Nothing Like The First Time

Am I ever going to let Anika be a normal teen? And have something nice???  (Maybe. Who knows. I hope she gets a nice, warm blanket one day. And a nap. Maybe some Hot Cocoa?)  (She doesn’t.)  Anika tried to have sex and blew up a house party. That’s it. That’s the episode.  Miya and [...]

Show Notes 106 – Nothing Like The First Time2019-01-16T02:13:50-08:00

Show Notes 105 – Good Mornin’ America

GOOD MORNIN’ AMERICA, and good morning heroes (?). This was one of my favorite episodes to record and write, though potentially one of the least favorites as a listener. To every villain there has to be a hero, and this finally gives us a chance to meet the people Anika has been up against since [...]

Show Notes 105 – Good Mornin’ America2019-01-16T02:13:20-08:00

Show Notes 104 – Stakeout

STAKEOUT is one of the first times we get to see the severity of Anika’s powers connected to someone important in her life. With Bailey, it’s walking the thin line of starting to utilize Anika’s powers for selfish reasons. I wanted to play with the idea of what they might actually be training Anika for [...]

Show Notes 104 – Stakeout2019-01-16T02:12:49-08:00

Show Notes 103 – Punk’D

PUNK’D was one of my favorite episodes to edit, purely because of how great Miya (Anika) and Jordan (Cole) were in the booth together. They brought that teenage awkwardness that is so, so prevalent that both makes you want to tear your skin off from second hand embarrassment and root for them to get past [...]

Show Notes 103 – Punk’D2019-01-16T02:12:21-08:00

Show Notes 102 – #HarrisonTheIntern

Sean definitely thought Harrison was running the place by herself. Intern means coffee grabber and mail person and honestly, he wouldn’t notice if someone else was doing it. Before Harrison started, mail just sort of appeared in his office whenever he left for long stretches of time. Harrison dropped his mail off on the first [...]

Show Notes 102 – #HarrisonTheIntern2019-01-16T02:11:53-08:00

Show Notes 101 – Mail Dump

Season one episode one of Super Ordinary is finally out! I’ve been dying to share this with you all, and it’s such an honor for you all to be taking the time to listen to our work.  For this episode, I wanted to talk a little bit about how we got here and the origins [...]

Show Notes 101 – Mail Dump2019-01-16T01:50:51-08:00


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