Season one episode one of Super Ordinary is finally out! I’ve been dying to share this with you all, and it’s such an honor for you all to be taking the time to listen to our work. 

For this episode, I wanted to talk a little bit about how we got here and the origins of the project itself. 

SUPER ORDINARY was originally called just SUPER (-). It was written in novella form, meant to read as though every chapter was a blog entry from Anika herself. There were a million details that changed along the way, but the main, core story has always been the same: teenager finds out she has super powers, best friend thinks she can be a superhero, things go terribly wrong because those powers are connected to her panic attacks. 

From the novella, the story evolved — there was originally no Sean, or Harrison, or Heather. Just Anika, Bailey, a laptop and a story to tell. Moving this show into an auditory only format pushed the limits of what two characters could do, and so the story expanded out, reaching for new characters and a deeper storyline. 

My favorite part about this whole process was finding the actors that brought these characters to life, and how their voices brought a whole new layer to each character. Miya and Lauren loved each other right off the bat, and directing them to be friends was a moot point after a quick, laughter-filled rehearsal. It was so incredible to watch how these guys gelled — not only with their characters, but with the cast as a whole. 

I can’t wait to share with you guys all the rest of the work we’ve done on this season! 

Shoot me any questions you have about this episode before next week, and I’ll include some answers to a few in next week’s show notes!