Sean definitely thought Harrison was running the place by herself. Intern means coffee grabber and mail person and honestly, he wouldn’t notice if someone else was doing it. Before Harrison started, mail just sort of appeared in his office whenever he left for long stretches of time. Harrison dropped his mail off on the first day of her internship and made conversation and Sean became her responsibility after that, other interns and assistants cowering in the face of the grumpy dragon of The Chronicle. 

Harrison is one of those characters that’s close to my heart (and not just because we share a voice!) because to me, she represents the kind of person that would live for this world to exist. Harrison’s an internet girl, deep in the tags of Tumblr, a huge conspiracy theorist. When real superheroes started to come out of the wood work, it was a dream come true. And now she has the chance to be in the center of an investigation about the most illustrious super person out there. To me, it’s like finding out the fiction you bury yourself in is coming true. Wouldn’t you want to force your way into that world, no matter what it took? 

The biggest challenge in this episode was getting the sound of Anika’s panic attack just right. Choosing perspective and finding a way to make it feel like the listener is hearing what Anika’s feeling was a huge challenge, but where we finally clicked in to the last piece was the reverb and mismatch of Bailey’s voice as she tries to talk Anika back down. As we played around with that, it made it feel like Bailey was too far away, but too close at the same time, and everything else that was going on in the room filled in the gaps. Finding that space, where Anika was reaching out for something solid in her life, not quite able to grasp it, created the moment of isolation we were trying to create. I love the way it turned out, because it’s one of those moments that works specifically to audio — there’s no images to blur, or hands to see shaking. Just Anika’s breathing (and Miya is masterful at finding the right build up in the booth) and what we’re able to create with Bailey (Lauren!) and sounds of chaos. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the episode! Can’t wait to share the next one with you. Until next week,