Whoa boy it’s the season one finale! You guys don’t mind a cliffhanger, do you? 

Honestly, this episode was so fun to record, but such a challenge in so many ways. Getting action sequences down can be a struggle when you can’t see anything happening, but there was no world where the “heroes” of our world didn’t come after our villain one last time. Everyone else getting caught in the crossfire was just par for the course. 

It might be a personal connection, but ironically, the person I feel the worst for in all of this is Harrison. She so desperately wants to be a part of something bigger than herself, has finally muscled her way in to the party, and everything blows up in her face. Literally. She has been ignoring the danger the whole time, and this is the moment where she’s forced to face it and, hopefully, get a chance to decide whether or not it’s worth the risk to keep chasing. 

For Sean, he’s finally getting a chance at some answers and then… not so much. It’s almost worse that these are the same guys that cause the New York incident. This show is so much about Anika and what’s happened to her to get her here, but it’s also about what happens to those around her. So, how could we end with something other than things blowing up once we get everyone in a room with her? 

I promise everything will be okay…ish. One day. Maybe? Season 2 coming soon. Thanks for going on this ride with us so far.