Welcome to the Super Crew, and thank you so much for supporting the show! We spend so much time making the show, and with that, we have a ton of extras that we’re excited to share with you now that you’re a member of the Super Crew.

First, there’s show notes: I put these together after every episode, and post them as the episodes are released. They’re a little insight into the process and behind-the-scenes of each episode of the show, including background, writing process, director’s notes, and fun anecdotes from set.

Since you guys support the show, you get the episodes (and the show notes) two days before the general public. You can play the episodes early in the player below.

We also try to include some general media extras for you guys that we don’t post to social media. This includes vlogs from myself and the actors, video from behind-the-scenes of recording, photos, blog posts, etc. We try to mix it up and share as much as we can about the making of our show with you. All of the above is yours, now that you’re a member of the Super Crew — we’re so happy to have you! Lots o’ Love xo, Marissa

Early Episodes & Bonuses

Show Notes

The most recent episodes are below, but if you’d like to view the backlog of all show notes, you can do so by clicking here. As these posts contain spoilers for each episode, be sure you’ve listened to the episode before reading the show notes for it!

Show Notes 208: “#Ghosted”

Justin and Jen are one of my favorite relationships, both to write and to hear acted out by On and Danielle. Have you ever had actors that were born to play socialites? Because On [...]

Show Notes 207: Can’t Catch Me

As deeply as I love Harrison, I constantly find myself asking how she has managed to survive as long as she has. By the end of this episode, I think it’s the first time [...]

Show Notes 206: Pour One Out

There’s a lot I could talk about in this episode, but what I really want to dig into is that AA meeting. We spent a little bit of time last season tearing apart what [...]

Show Notes 205: The Story of How We Met

Last season, a big part of exploring Anika’s present was about exploring her past. We did so through her lens, literally only getting a peak into past events through her own narrative. Anika’s past [...]

Show Notes 204: You Did That

Oh man, oh man, today is all about powers and their scope.  I know he comes off gruff. I know he’s a bit of a mess. But I hope that at the end of [...]

Media Extras!