Justin and Jen are one of my favorite relationships, both to write and to hear acted out by On and Danielle. Have you ever had actors that were born to play socialites? Because On and Danielle were born to get a chance to talk down their nose at the people around them. But this episode was so much fun to get into, really diving into the beginning of the relationship that had to deal with super powers. 

So much of our show centers on the close relationships that keep those with powers alive and sane. Justin and Jen are so comfortable with each other, and I wanted to get a chance to dive into what it would have been like as teenagers — and another moment that compares Anika’s situation to those that have been deemed heroes. Would Anika’s story have played out differently if she had Justin by her side instead of Bailey? And vice versa? So much of destiny I think comes from the people around you, and your support system. 

Tearing through the past of Jen’s powers and her discovery of them with Justin at her side was so important to me, because there’s the idea that this dark place she’s in isn’t something she can share overall. She literally goes invisible. But having that one person who not only knows, but wants to be there for you regardless, I think is what keeps Jen tethered to this world even when she can’t be seen. Something about Jen and Justin just clicks, and beyond that, On and Danielle click in that way, too.