Show Notes 110 – Sean?

Whoa boy it’s the season one finale! You guys don’t mind a cliffhanger, do you?  Honestly, this episode was so fun to record, but such a challenge in so many ways. Getting action sequences down can be a struggle when you can’t see anything happening, but there was no world where the “heroes” of our [...]

Show Notes 110 – Sean?2019-01-16T02:17:20-08:00

Show Notes 109 – Ever Since New York

Ahem. This episode title was not intended to be named after a Harry Styles song, but here we are. What can you do about it now?  This is, obviously, the hardest episode so far. But it was so nice to finally get to the root of Heather, someone who I think we don’t really get [...]

Show Notes 109 – Ever Since New York2019-01-16T02:16:29-08:00


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