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Show Notes 205: The Story of How We Met

Last season, a big part of exploring Anika’s present was about exploring her past. We did so through her lens, literally only getting a peak into past events through her own narrative. Anika’s past was all about the stories she chose to tell Sean and Harrison, and the way she chose to tell them. [...]

Show Notes 205: The Story of How We Met2019-04-08T12:24:28-07:00

Show Notes 204: You Did That

Oh man, oh man, today is all about powers and their scope.  I know he comes off gruff. I know he’s a bit of a mess. But I hope that at the end of this, I hope we all understand a little bit more of why. One of my favorite behind-the-scenes aspects of this [...]

Show Notes 204: You Did That2019-04-08T12:22:53-07:00

Show Notes 203: The Devil Never Knocks

Oh boy oh boy I love these heroes so much and I love that we finally get to properly get to know everyone. First of all: Hello, Lyssa! Aiden is one of my favorite characters to write for, and it was so fun to dig into his past, the people in it, and how [...]

Show Notes 203: The Devil Never Knocks2019-04-08T12:21:28-07:00

Show Notes 202: Debt To Pay

One of the things I am so excited to explore this season is the relationship between Anika and Harrison. Anika, for once, is actually starting to sound like a villain. With Bailey missing, she’s unanchored and terrified, but for the first time, she’s also angry. As she pushes through chaos, without someone to calm [...]

Show Notes 202: Debt To Pay2019-04-08T12:20:24-07:00

Show Notes 201: Day Drinking Super Dude

So, you call these heroes? I am so excited about diving into season 2, even though it might seem like we’re taking a sharp left turn in the narrative. We’re refocusing a little bit, turning the lens (or microphone, I should say) on the other side of this story. While we all know and [...]

Show Notes 201: Day Drinking Super Dude2019-04-08T12:17:25-07:00

IF Time Sources

Below, we've listed the sources we've referenced in this episode of Insufficient Facts! If you'd like to dig deeper into any of the topics discussed, here's where you can do so. Time Sources Recent headlines segment We Just 'Fell Back' An Hour. Here Are Tips To Stay Healthy During Dark Days Ahead by [...]

IF Time Sources2019-03-04T10:30:15-08:00

IF Time Outline

Segment: Recent headlines - Daylight Savings Time and its Impact on our Health How daylight savings time messes with our circadian rhythm, which seems to lead to higher rates of heart attacks and traffic accidents in the days immediately following a time change. A new study recently presented at the American Heart Association conference [...]

IF Time Outline2019-03-04T10:28:58-08:00

EPISODE 9: “The Bruise” 

The modeling job I thought this would be a funny and cute way to give Lana a job. I didn’t want her to have an office job or end up doing something she hates. A modeling job, and the way she ended up with it, seemed very on brand for her. As I’ve said [...]

EPISODE 9: “The Bruise” 2019-02-20T00:41:58-08:00

Show Notes: Six and a Half

The Shower Scene Okay, alright, I knew it was cliché when I wrote it but I did it anyway. I really wanted Nova to experience one of her episodes while she was awake. I think it’s a completely different experience of fear and as the season is in its final episodes I wanted to [...]

Show Notes: Six and a Half2019-02-07T11:55:15-08:00

Memory & Reactivation

Memory and Reactivation As I have mentioned before, my lab has a particular interest in mechanisms involved in the formation and alteration of memory. One of the specific areas of interest is reactivation, or the replay of waking behaviors while asleep. I want to distinguish between the reactivation I’m discussing here and the reactivation [...]

Memory & Reactivation2019-09-13T17:32:45-07:00


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