Open Casting Calls

  • The Last Man Standing: Created by Alexandra Tandon (All In My Head), “The Last Man Standing” is a comedy following Mason Grant, a well known TV survivalist as he films the final season of his popular survival show. Only Mason is not everything his TV persona is made out to be. In truth, Mason doesn’t even own a compass. He is a complete fraud, his show entirely staged. All Mason knows how to do is flaunt his six pack for the camera. Fed up with Mason’s diva antics, the showrunner of Mason’s show decides to show his audience the realMason Grant. With cameras covertly placed around the island everyone plans to sit back and watch Mason make a fool of himself. But when Mason’s biggest fan, Diego, finds himself accidentally stranded on a remote island with his idol, the two men will have to combine their limited survivalist knowledge to make it out alive, all while Mason tries not to be discovered. Submissions are open to worldwide applicants, and due by February 17th. Click here for more information and to submit. 
  • The Sword & The Stoner Season 2: The Sword & The Stoner is a modern day comedy adaptation of the King Arthur legends. This time around, everything is off the rails. Merlin is a Vegas magician, Lancelot is a librarian, Morgana is a mega business woman, and Arthur isn’t interested in being a hero. But the world still needs to be saved — and this is the only team able to do it. We’re casting new roles for our second season – the first is available here. Submissions are open to Los Angeles locals, and due by March 7th. Click here for more information and to submit.