Thank you for your interest in The Sword & The Stoner Season 2. Below, we have listed the roles we are currently casting for. Please click the link next to each role for the audition materials and record the attached scenes. If you do not have someone available to read with you, please only read the lines of the character you are auditioning for. After recording, please apply using the form below by March 7th, 2022 at 11:59pm PST.

These are paid opportunities, and recording will take place in Los Angeles – you must be local to the area to be considered. You do not need to have your own recording equipment, as we record in studio. You may record your audition with whatever you have available to you, as long as we can hear your performance clearly. 

When submitting via the form below, please provide a link to a folder that includes the following:

  • Your headshot / a recent photo of yourself
  • Your resume / credits
  • Your audio reel, if available. (Not required).
  • Your audition files. Please make sure to include an individual file for each role you are auditioning for. Label the audition files as follows: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_ROLE

We recommend using a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Please make sure that sharing permissions are set so that anyone with the link may view.

Please note: this is for the second season of The Sword & The Stoner. Please familiarize yourself with our first season, especially if applying for the roles of Izzy and Tris. You can find the first season here. 

Auditions that do not follow all of the instructions will not be considered.

  • TRIS (Female, 30’s): Merlin’s producer. Merlin was Tris’ first big client, and their bond goes beyond just the show. Tris cares about Merlin in the way one might for a problem child or best friend; most of the time, the only reason Merlin gets both feet underneath himself in the morning. Tris is the reincarnation of Tristan, and is still coming to terms with that fact. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • IZZY (Female, early 20’s, Asian American): The shop girl at the local weed dispensary Arthur, Kay, and Gwen frequent. A veritable encyclopedia of all things pop culture. Izzy is the reincarnation of Isolde, and one of Arthur’s loyal knights. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • ELI (Male, 26): that kind of calm, casual cool that only comes from a lifetime of knowing you’re the shit. You can almost always hear the smirk in his voice, but it’s the kind that doesn’t bother you, actually, because…well, because he kind of is the shit. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • PERCY (Male, 27): A mountain of a man. Very muscular blacksmith at the Ren Faire with a beautifully big smile. Has an antique British accent when in character at the Faire. Percy is also an incredibly knowledgeable sword-smith, and knows how to wield a blade. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL