Thank you for your interest in our upcoming project, The Sword and The Stoner. Below, we have listed the roles we are currently casting for. Please click the link next to each role for the audition materials and record the attached scenes. You may (and are encouraged) to audition for more than one role, but please record them as separate audio files following this naming structure: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_CHARACTER.MP3. After recording, please apply using the form below by March 18th, 2019. These are paid opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in this project, and we look forward to hearing your audition! You can follow updates on the project at our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Synopsis: The Sword & The Stoner is a modern day, stoner comedy take on the King Arthur legends. This time around, everything’s gone wrong. Merlin’s a Las Vegas magician with a reality TV show. Arthur’s never met a joint he didn’t like. Can three stoners and a reality TV star save the world? (Probably not.) 

Character Breakdown 


  • Arthur: Male, 25, the epitome of “wasted potential.” Coasting in all aspects of life, living off his parents’ money, and has never thought about a greater purpose than living life to the fullest relaxation possible. Despite the stoner exterior, brilliant and charming beneath it all. Really, really beneath it. Like, deep. AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • Kay: Male, 25, Arthur’s twin brother, genuine and kind hearted. Kay wants the best for himself and those around him, and is ready to grow up and take on adult life. Practical; law student; weekends and holidays stoner. Please be sure to record both scenes in the attached audition material. AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • Merlin: Male, Late 20’s / Early 30’s, immortal. Has the weight of a hundred lives on his shoulders. Eccentric, chaotic, full of star power. Runs the biggest magic show in Las Vegas, and is an international treasure. All his magic is real. British or Irish accent. Please be sure to record both scenes in the attached audition material. AUDITION MATERIAL 


  • Tris: Female, 30’s, Merlin’s producer. Merlin was Tris’ first big client, and their bond goes beyond just the show. Tris cares about Merlin in the way one might for a problem child or best friend; most of the time, the only reason Merlin gets both feet underneath himself in the morning. AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • Lance: Male, 27, Very Good Guy. Lance is a grad student in the history department, focused on the classics and rare books. A heavy researcher and academic, book smart with very little street smarts. Charming, a little awkward, grounded. AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • Izzy: Female, early 20’s. The shop girl at the local weed dispensary Arthur, Kay, and Gwen frequent. A veritable encyclopedia of all things pop culture. AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • Morgana:  Female, early 40’s, Gwen’s mentor. Has worked for everything she has, considers herself very much self-made. Battling a checkered past and a male dominated career field in the chemical sciences. Brilliant, hard to please, and making a splash in the world. AUDITION MATERIAL