Thank you for your interest in SPONSOR. Below, we have listed the roles we are currently casting for. Please click the link next to each role for the audition materials and record the attached scenes. If you do not have someone available to read with you, please only read for the character that you are auditioning for. After recording, please apply using the form below by August 29th, 2021. Casting is open world wide. These are paid opportunities. 

Please Note: This show will record remotely. You must have your own recording equipment. Please record your audition using the equipment and set up you would use if cast. We ask that you use a set up that includes a microphone, interface, DAW and computer that is capable of recording and running Zoom simultaneously. Please make sure to list every piece of your equipment set up in the form below. 

When submitting via the form below, please provide a link to a folder that includes the following:

  • Your headshot / a recent photo of yourself
  • Your resume / credits
  • Your audio reel, if available. (Not required).
  • Your audition files. Please provide raw, unedited .WAV files, and make sure to include an individual file for each role you are auditioning for. Label the audition files as follows: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_ROLE.WAV

We recommend using a free file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Please make sure that sharing permissions are set so that anyone with the link may view.

Auditions that do not follow all of the instructions will not be considered.

MIA GOLDEN (65, female) – Sam’s recently deceased mother and now sponsor. Mia didn’t go to a “proper afterlife” – instead, she is sent back to help her son who is a recovering alcoholic going through a troubled marriage. Mia is (was?) not the perfect mother. She was a drunk, unfiltered, compulsive woman, who didn’t even attend her own son’s bar mitzvah. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL.

  • Which role(s) are you auditioning for?

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  • ***Please make sure you are recording your audition on the setup you would use for eventual recording, as we will use this as a quality test***
  • *NOTE: Please name the audition files as follows: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_CHARACTER.WAV ***Attach a separate file for each role you are auditioning for***