Tandon Productions is thrilled to announce our newest scripted fiction podcast, Over, Under, Even. Created by Alex Whisenhunt (His Royal Fakin’ Highness, Life On Pause, That Vampire Show) and Marissa Tandon (Super Ordinary, The Sword & The Stoner), Over, Under, Even is a dark romantic comedy centered on heartbreak guru Marty Cure. 

After a traumatic business falling out and subsequent break-up with her business partner, Marty has vowed never to be blinded by love again. Through retreats, seminars and real world applications Marty has built a small empire out of the art of getting even. But when an unexpected guest at her Heartbreak Cure retreat threatens her business’ livelihood, Marty is forced to come up with a plan to save her reputation. If you think love can make a person do crazy things, just wait until you see what heartbreak is capable of.

Whisenhunt, who has previously worked with Tandon Productions as a staff writer on the romantic comedy His Royal Fakin’ Highness, and the quarantine anthology Life on Pause, will serve as showrunner. Developed and Executive Produced by Alexandra Tandon and Marissa Tandon. 

Tandon Productions is accepting applications for the Over, Under, Even writer’s room, set to start in January, 2022. For more information and to apply, click here.