Hi Fact Finders:

In this week’s quick blurb I had the sudden and arresting realization that I can go completely off the rails and dive into why The Original Series of Star Trek has steadfastly remained one of my favorite television series of all time.

It may come as no surprise that the character nearest and dearest to my heart is Spock. I found Star Trek in high school, and I have to admit that Spock’s logical pursuit of the facts, and science, in part fuled my own interest in science. And while Bones may have sometimes teased Spock for his “emotionless” nature, Spock was highly regarded for his work-ethic and scientific accomplishments. While it might be nerdy to like Spock, Spock was never regarded as a “nerd” by his peers.

The other aspect of Star Trek that is still so arresting is the pursuit of knowledge, and its importance to humanity. The goal was to explore and learn, which is at the heart of all science. It’s pretty obvious that these themes resonated heavily with me as a teenager (and still very much so as an adult).

Attached is a picture of my desk at work so you can see the Spock figurine I have from the episode Devil in the Dark to prove my nerdy worth.