Thank you for your interest in His Royal Fakin’ Highness. Below, we have listed the roles we are currently casting for. Please click the link next to each role for the audition materials and record the attached scenes. After recording, please apply using the form below by November 3rd, 2019. These are paid opportunities. 

Please note: this show takes place in a fictional European country. For ALL roles EXCEPT Rosie and Gill, please record two takes of the audition materials: one in your natural accent, and one in your most comfortable European dialect. Please feel free to do more than one take if you feel other accent work may show your strength for the role. In the additional comments section, please note all accents you are comfortable acting with. 

Auditions that do not follow all of the instructions will not be considered.

  • HAMLET (Male, 21): the crown prince, full of privilege and a devil may care attitude. He’s been studying in America, enjoying his freedom before he returns home to inherit the crown from his father.  Charming, entitled, epitome of every boy your mother warned you about. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL — Please record BOTH scenes. 
  • OPHELIA (Female, 21): daughter of the King’s closest advisor, Ophelia grew up in the castle and close to the prince. Ophelia is Hamlet’s polar opposite in every way. She’s driven, focused, and won’t let anything get in the way of her career in politics. They attend the same American university, and avoid each other at all costs. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL — Please record BOTH scenes. 
  • LEO (Male, 25): Ophelia’s older brother. A hopeless romantic reluctantly following in his father’s footsteps as an advisor to the royal family. Firm believer in True Love. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • ROSIE (female, 21): Gill’s better half. Hamlet, Rosie, and Gill make up a truly chaotic trio. Rosie is loud, crass, and unapologetic. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • HUGH  (Male, 23): Hamlet’s bodyguard, and childhood friend of both Hamlet and Ophelia. Takes his job seriously, but is often willing to bend the rules for his best friend. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL 
  • GENEVIEVE: (Female, 50’s): Hamlet’s mother, the queen, and wife of the late King. Loves her son, and wants the best for him, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Regal due to a life time of living for the crown. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • PETER: (Male, 50’s): Ophelia and Leo’s father. Traditional, and puts country above all else. His biggest wish for his children is for them to elevate the family name. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIAL
  • LADY FORTINBRAS (Female, 23): Princess of Norway. Prim, proper, and outwardly, the perfect picture of royalty. Will do anything she has to do to elevate her status. CLICK HERE FOR AUDITION MATERIALS