Memory & Reactivation

Memory and Reactivation As I have mentioned before, my lab has a particular interest in mechanisms involved in the formation and alteration of memory. One of the specific areas of interest is reactivation, or the replay of waking behaviors while asleep. I want to distinguish between the reactivation I’m discussing here and the reactivation [...]

Memory & Reactivation2019-09-13T17:32:45-07:00

GRE: Intelligence

Dear Fact Finders: In our intelligence/GRE episode, we briefly mentioned our personal experiences with standardized testing, but I wanted to give you some more detail about my personal experience with standardized test scores and why in my opinion it is a flawed testing method. If I remember correctly I did fairly alright on the SAT [...]

GRE: Intelligence2019-09-13T17:37:26-07:00
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