The Sixth Extinction: Chapter 2

Christiane So Chapter 2! Mastodon Molars! I love this chapter because it’s near and dear to my heart. The lab that I am a part of at UCLA is a paleobiology lab, meaning that many of us conduct research related to paleontology and biology, or in other words, how organisms are changing over [...]

The Sixth Extinction: Chapter 22019-02-06T14:31:57-08:00

The Sixth Extinction: Chapter 1

Christiane So, everyone has gotten through chapter 1, yes? I know, it’s pretty depressing to hear about how all our little amphibian friends are disappearing, but I think this a really important chapter and I’m glad that Elizabeth Kolbert, the author put it first in the book. One of the many things I [...]

The Sixth Extinction: Chapter 12019-02-06T14:32:30-08:00


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