Meet Staff Writer Alex Whisenhunt!

Alex Whisenhunt is a writer currently residing in New York City where she spends most of her time writing poetry about her exes and hanging out with her cat. Her most recent collection of poems was just released as a chapbook entitled: My Body and Other Love Stories and was extremely well received by the [...]

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Meet Staff Writer Kelly Gregg!

Kelly Gregg is a writer and improviser originally from Los Angeles, but is currently trying to survive the weather as a law student at the University of Chicago. She has trained at iO West (RIP), Second City, and the Groundlings and studied Human Biology and Theater & Performance Studies (plus a minor in Swahili) at [...]

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Announcing HRFH

We are thrilled to announce His Royal Fakin’ Highness (HRFH). This modern day, romantic comedy re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Hamlet asks what would have happened if Ophelia had conspired with Hamlet to retake his rightful place on the throne. As they stage an engagement in the wake of the King’s death, these childhood frenemies must decide between duty and [...]

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